Compelling evidence gives rise to the question,
“Has a new history been revealed?”

Legend or myth?


Discover your truth

Quest for the Ark
An Australian outback
supernatural action adventure

Available March 2012

Quest for the Ark is an account of one man’s heroic journey of discovery into the unknown, to discover something which will change humankind’s understanding of history and even reality as we know it. It is also a journey of self discovery; a story of action, adventure, love, betrayal, danger, intrigue and inexplicable events.

Written with the ring of truth, the story takes readers on an emotional and exhilarating journey, which is interwoven with factual historical events from ancient cultures. Readers are challenged to understand mystical events that seem to be mere coincidence.

A perilous quest
From the breaking waves of the New South Wales North Coast to the perilous and unforgiving mountain ranges of the Kimberley, Zacariah Riley stumbles through vast tracts of desert, a crumbling relationship with the woman he loves and across the Australian continent in search of the truth.

A twist of fate
When Zac, a young man recently discharged from the army, receives strange information he begins to doubt his sanity; he is compelled to investigate by embarking on an amazing adventure.

Join Zac on a journey of discovery into the harse Australian outback, share his bizarre experiences and meet the people who are drawn to help him on his quest.

Ancient discovery
Meet Gingga, a tribal elder who becomes Zac’s mentor and friend, adopts him into his family and teaches him about Aboriginal culture and the fascinating dreamtime stories which remarkably confirm his research which eventually leads him to a forgotten ancient civilisation and perhaps the answer to one of humankind’s greatest questions. 

As the story unfolds, Zac uncovers information about the long-lost Ark of the Covenant that posits enormous global complications.

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